History of gumball machines September 16 2013, 0 Comments


Did you know that holy water was once vended?  The first known vending operation started way back in Egypt in 215BC.

 It is thought the Greek mathematician Hero invented a machine to vend holy water in Egyptian Temples.

 Since then there have been many different variations on the vending machine.  During the early 1880’s the first commercial coin operated vending machines were introduced in Europe to sell postcards and books.

  Vending machines started to become universal -selling everything from stamps, postcards, books,
cigars, candy and gum.

 There was even a coin operated restaurant in Philadelphia, “Horn & Hardart”.
1 cent Gumball machines first became popular in the United States in the early 1900’s.  
The machines at the time dispensed gumballs or peanuts.

At around this same time vending machines were gaining popularity. 
In 1871 Thomas Adams patented the vending machine in the U.S. to dispense gum.

In 1888 he put the vending machines on the New York City train platforms which dispensed his chicle chew stick gum 
Newer vending machines have taken an old idea and made it new again by offering everything from ice cream, sandwiches, candy and pop.