Komet machine custom order


Here is the list of the machines options we have:

1) Komet machine - vintage machines from around the late 70’s with a new Plexiglas Globe,

About Komet machines:

Komet machines were manufactured in Los Angeles starting in 1970 until 1999 when the company was bought by A & A parkway, which immediately stopped production of the machines.

The only part still been manufactured by A & A is the Plexiglas globe using the  same original mold, 

As a results all the globes have some imperfection in them, some scratches some air bubbles,

They are not perfect and the defects can be seen when looking at the empty globe closely.

All parts are metal.

Coin mechanism 10 or 25 cents.

Price start at $149 without a stand / $225 with a stand



2) Northwestern machines - vintage machines from around the 60”s


Original embossed glass globe (with the script Northwestern)


Northwestern company still exists and manufacturers this machine but with a

Replacement globe.


All parts are metal

5 cent or 25 cents mechanism,

Price start at $249 without a stand / $325 with a stand



 3) Acorn machine- vintage machine from around the 50’s

Some are even from the 40’s

Original glass globe.

we do have the round globe as well.

Coin mechanism 1 cent, 5 cents 10 cents or 25 cents

All parts are metal

Price start at $225 without a stand / $275 with a stand




4) Oak Vista machine are from around the late 60”s Replacement Plexiglas panels

Coin mechanism we have in stock - 25 cents or 10 cents.

 Price start at $199 without a stand / $275 with a stand



All of our popular colors are sand blasted restored cleaned and powder coated.


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