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Vintage Komet 25 ¢ Gumball Vending Machine that has been completely restored and themed to ROUTE 66 complete with all original components including: * metal Machine Base & Body – white & black * Lock & Key * Original nuts/candy wheel * Plexiglas panels * gasoline pump and globe ( plastic and rubber ) matching stand all metal may vary absolutely beautiful. machine measure approx. 42" Tall Professionally restored for you to enjoy with your Family and Friends. About us: We have been in the vending business for over 20 years, collecting operating and restoring gumball vending machines. We know and understand the machines from top to bottom. Each machine is completely restored. All machines are sanded, cleaned, and painted themed with high quality Vinyl Decals, to match theme of each individual machine. Those machines can be placed at a home, office, man cave or at a business to generate extra income. They are a great and unique gift idea. They are completely functional to vend gumball candy or nuts. If you would like to order your own theme you can either choose from our different machines, or contact us to have your own custom gumballs machine custom made especially for you. You can choose your own theme; colors add stand and matching gumballs. Please visit our store www.customgumballsmachines.com

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